What is a Transit Oriented Corridor?    

A Transit Oriented Corridor (TOC) is a developed, pedestrian-friendly area within one quarter-mile of a public transit system. A TOC is within walking distance to the public transportation system and includes amenities that promote the safe movement of pedestrians.

TOC land use is intended to promote:
  • Public health and safety
  • Pedestrian mobility
  • Public transit use
  • Mixed-use development    
  • Sustainable buildings and practices
  • The preservation of neighborhoods
  • Aesthetically pleasing communities

    Where is the Transit Oriented Corridor located?  

    The Transit Oriented Corridor in Hollywood is generally located East of the Florida Turnpike and West of 58th Avenue. 

    SR 7 TOC Boundary

    While the TOC land use provides a framework for the vision for the corridor, existing zoning that is currently in place does not allow such improvements. Existing zoning has an array of issues with the majority related to use:
    • Shallow commercial depth
    • Multiple overlays with inconsistent character and cohesion
    • Inadequate transitions between uses
    • Majority of zoning categories do not encourage mixed-use

    Why is Hollywood considering rezoning?

    Demographic shifts, lifestyle preferences, and improved mobility options are a few of the key factors driving the desire for urban living. There are numerous improvements in close proximity to State Road 7: 

    • The Florida Department of Transportation is investing over $60 million in widening State Road 7, enhancing pedestrian safety features, and improving transit stops for riders. 
    • Public utility upgrades to City water lines and sewer installation along the State Road 7 corridor with capacity to allow future expansion.
    • Economic redevelopment and reinvestment is occurring at key intersections along the corridor. 

    Recognizing the importance of the Transit Oriented Corridor designation, the City of Hollywood has commenced the rezoning process to encourage functional and attractive redevelopment in this area of regional significance. Hollywood's TOC covers an area of over 980 acres that includes key commercial intersections including SR 7 & Pembroke Rd; SR 7 & Hollywood Blvd; SR 7 & Sheridan Street; SR 7 & Stirling Road as well as the established residential neighbors in West Hollywood. 

    Public Outreach

    In preparation for adoption of the Transit Oriented Corridor rezoning, the City is soliciting feedback on the proposed policies from a broad constituency of impacted stakeholders that includes residents, businesses, developers, architects, and industry organizations. Provided below is the public outreach schedule. Please note that the schedule will be regularly updated and additional meetings will be scheduled as necessary. 

     Event       Date/Time  Location  
    Community-at-large meeting May 05, 2016 City Hall
    2600 Hollywood Blvd
    Room 219
    Lawn Acres Civic Association May 16, 2016 David Park
    108 North 33rd Court
    Hollywood Gardens West/
    Johnson Street Business District
    June 09, 2016 Chopman Center
    St. George Greek Orthodox Church
    425 North 58th Avenue
    Washington Park Civic Association June 14, 2016 Washington Park
    5199 Pembroke Road
    Playland Estates Civic Association June 30, 2016 Oak Lake Park Community Center
    3190 North 56th Avenue

    A recording of the presentation from the Community-at-large meeting is available to view. The intent of the presentation is to:

    1. Provide an overview of the Transit Oriented Corridor
    2. Highlight existing zoning
    3. Review proposed new zoning
    4. Outline next steps

    Find the most common questions asked during the meetings were compiled here: Transit Oriented Corridor - Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have additional questions or comments about the Transit Oriented Corridor re-zoning, please contact Tekisha Jordan, Principal Planner at tjordan@hollywoodfl.org.