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Posted on: February 14, 2020

Choose Florida to Start Your Business

Florida Ranks #2 Nationwide

Florida ranked just behind Texas as the best state to launch a startup. Comparisun, a company that provides advice on point-of-sales software and payment processing platforms for small- and medium-sized businesses, analyzed entrepreneurism-friendly states and found Florida is near the top. The report examined which states offered a more positive environment to grow a business, and looked at factors such as labor cost, business survival rate, corporate tax rate, new business applications, rate of new entrepreneurs, share of college-educated population and the cost of living index. 

Texas ranked first place (77.77 out of 100), followed by Florida (69.75), but when measuring the highest number of business applications filed in the last four quarters, the Sunshine State outranked all the other states. 389,490 applications were filed in Florida, roughly 90,000 more applications than in Texas. And Florida ranks just about equal to Texas with the population aged 25 or older with a bachelor’s degree or higher. 

Florida’s business survival rate was is roughly the same as several other states, at 49.50%. That percentage represents businesses opened in March 2013 that are still operating in March 2018. Let us help you find success in Florida’s Hollywood. Call the City’s Office of Economic Development at 954.921.3620 to speak to an Economic Development Team Member. See Life. See Opportunities in Florida’s Hollywood.  

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